Primary Level Program: Three to six years

The child must be three years old and toilet trained before entering the Primary program.


Maria Montessori described the learning of children ages 3-6 years like that of a sponge, soaking in knowledge from all their senses, "Absorbent Mind". Exercises of Practical Life extend to caring for his classroom, routinely showing grace and courtesy, and organizing his own items. Many activities at this level assist concentration, which is a necessity for activities to follow, e.g. the movements performed in these activities indirectly prepare the hand for writing.


Sensory activities with beautiful materials help the child become conscious of fine distinctions of dimension, color, sound, etc. These activities together with their language help the child become more perceptive of the environment with the words to say what is seen and thought.


The child’s unconsciously absorbed language can become conscious at this age. Using carefully designed materials such as sandpaper and moveable letters, the child is helped to become aware of the sounds and symbols of language, leading to writing and reading. The child is also helped to increase his vocabulary by being introduced to organized knowledge of plants, animals, geography places, music. All activities are designed to nurture self-confidence, concentration, independence, respect for each other and for the environment. The ingenious mathematical materials help the child understand the decimal system, arithmetic operations and geometric shapes. While learning considerable arithmetic and geometry, the child is helped to perceive and express fundamental operations and precise relationships. Among other activities are the beginnings of history, geography, biology, music, and crafts. They are free to work alone or with others, to move about, to speak, to help others or to seek help as needed.


When you visit, you will see a community of young people actively and happily engaged in spontaneous and purposeful activity.