My children began attending Flossmoor Montessori School in 2008. My kids continue to amaze me with how they view & embrace the world. Every day, I see the results of Montessori philosophy & teachings. The children at FMS are encouraged to be extraordinary thinkers. Through the daily activities, the children grow to learn and feel comfortable with the idea that there is nothing they can't do. Additionaly, the teachers and staffs are exceptional. They are wonderfully compassionate, caring and patient with all of the children. I am very pleased with how Montessori teachings have individually impacted each of my three children.

- Mother of 3 FMS students since 2008

Our family is now embarking on our second journey at Flossmoor Montessori School. After relocating to the are almost 4 months ago, we were attached to FMS' long standing tradition of providing a quality education and a solid foundation. After enrolling our oldest daughter here in the primary program, we soon grew to appreciate the very dedicated faculty,the personalized attention and directions that were integral to the Montessori methods and education and social and the personal development that the environment fosters. We always felt that our child was in a safe and nurturing environment. She formed friendships that she still cherishes today. We watched her excel academically and develop and mature personally.

- The FMS Family

When choosing a school for my young children, it was very important that the children not only receive academic stimulation, but also be in a nurturing environment. Because they were so young, I wanted them to feel " A home away from home". When I came to Flossmoor Montessori 's Open House 5 1/2 years ago, I knew it would be great environment for my son. I was impressed by child sized furniture, sink and toilet. I appreciated that the Directress and staff encouraged curiosity, independence and that the children were able to move around to various stations and interact with their peers at their own pace. I was so impressed and happy with Flossmoor Montessori School that my daughter now attends.

Both my children are very sociable. My son is now in 1st grade and an excellent reader and awesome with math. My daughter is great at helping at home, she wants to be independent and is excited about learning.

I really appreciate all that Flossmoor Montessori School has done to enhance my children's early learning experience and how well they have cared for my children. I highly recommend this school to other parents!

Thanks for everything, Flossmoor Montessori School!!!

- The FMS Family

We compared costs, curriculums, and 30-seconds impressions of staff members. We weren't clear on exactly what the Montessori method was, only that it sounded. ... A welcome difference.

Flossmoor Montessori School has been a godsend for us, and especially for our girls. Our one girl is reading now and other is grasping multiplication - yet there has never been any pressure placed on the girls at school or home to learn these things. The Montessori method - and the directresses here at FMS - allow them to experience learning as pleasure. If you've toured classrooms, you have seen the huge variety of hands- on activities available. Kids even assist in food preparation and cleanup ( and now want to do the same at home ). Both of our girls blossomed here. We'd be amazed at their conversations in the car on the way home: geography,math, stories, even the chores they enjoyed.

The staffs are caring and nurturing - our girls never mentioned any discipline problems with other students, and we've been able to observe the staff/student interaction on field trips and class preparations.

Flossmoor Montessori has been a fantastic investment, and we've never had to worry that our girls were falling behind in any way (I'm a high school teacher and I've heard my five-year old use vocabulary that some of my students struggle with) . The whole family is thrilled with the preschool and kindergarten years they've spent at FMS!

- FMS Parents

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